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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (39 records) September 16 - Saturday - Watertown 6 PM Central

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2100 T_2100.JPGThree very nice sports books. A must for any baseball fan       ended
2101 T_2101.JPGThis is a beautiful tapestry that measures about 2 feet by 3 feet 2 1058 3.01   ended
2102 T_2102.JPGBrass belt buckle with long horn depicted on it       ended
2103 T_2103.JPGTwo Barry Sanders ,Detroit Lions Beanie Babies       ended
2104 T_2104.JPGFor that Twins fan, just what you need to add to your collection. Miniature helmets in red and blue, a miniature bat and a Twins drink cup 1 2814 2.50   ended
2105 T_2105.JPGVery nice electric West Bend slow cooker in excellent shape and a broiler pan. 1 1462 3.00   ended
2106 T_2106.JPGTwo miniature speakers. These each only measure about 3 inches wide       ended


T_2107A.JPGThis heavy 7 3/4"green coke bottle is one from the Watertown, SD bottling company.It is dated December 25th,1923! 3 1178 5.00   ended
2108 T_2108.JPGVery nice vintage smaller bedside table lamp. I believe this is leaded glass base.       ended
2109 T_2109.JPGHere it is - the Eagle has landed! Wood carved eagle statute for your front porch or garden.
This item has a reserve.
2 1237 6.00   ended
2110 T_2110.JPGSix oak dining room chairs with soft leather-like seats.
This item has a reserve.
8 1536 50.00   ended
2111 T_2111.JPGOriental style vase, ginger jar and pretty blue vase       ended
2112 T_2112.JPGThis is a cute little tea pot and tea jar. Just perfect for your kitchen counter or table       ended
2113 T_2113.JPGThis metal base Coca Cola lamp is just what a collector needs. It is smaller in size and in perfect condition. The shade is a heavy plastic 7 2030 12.00   ended
2114 T_2114.JPGThese are four very old Bibles       ended
2115 T_2115.JPGHard cover Black Beauty and Sherlock Holmes books 1 2639 2.00   ended
2116 T_2116.JPGNearly new Keurig coffee maker. Also included is a case to hold all those little Keurig cups 4 1431 12.00   ended
2117 T_2117.JPGVery nice wheel chair. The foot holders are not included. 4 1189 10.00   ended
2118 T_2118.JPGTwo ceramic beer steins       ended
2119 T_2119.JPGAssortment of beautiful dark blue glassware 1 2639 2.00   ended
2120 T_2120.JPGThis little shadow box holds a large assortment of vintage items. Must see to appreciate! 1 1518 4.00   ended
2121 T_2121.JPGSix dark green thumbprint water goblets 2 2639 3.00   ended
2122 T_2122.JPGYou won't see many of these. Mickey Mouse lunch box with the thermos included! Also included in this group is an assortment of vintage crochet hooks 4 1237 7.00   ended
2123 T_2123.JPGThese tiny little hand blown cordial glasses and shot glasses would look perfect on any display shelf 2 2030 3.00   ended
2124 T_2124.JPGOld brass water sprinklers, old post cards and sewing notions. 1 1992 2.00   ended
2125 T_2125.JPGTwo vintage ax heads 1 1181 3.00   ended
2126 T_2126.JPGFor your man cave or hunting lodge, these lights are a lab with mallard in his mouth. Each set has 10 lights on the string 3 1237 3.00   ended
2127 T_2127.JPGI asked since I am a "girl" and was told this is a power ratchet. 3 2818 5.00   ended
2128 T_2128.JPGTwo vintage dressing table glass lidded dishes; a nice rodeo wine decanter and a yard stool       ended
2130 T_2130.JPGGun cleaning rod and a pool stick carrying case 1 1665 2.00   ended
2131 T_2131.JPGBeautifully framed fruit pictures. These each measure about 2 feet high.       ended
2132 T_2132.JPGThree vintage glass plates. Two of these especially look very old       ended
2133 T_2133.JPGFramed picture of a farmstead south of Watertown and a centennial book from St. Martin's Lutheran Church (the one that has been torn down).       ended
2134 T_2134.JPGThis is a hand colored old portrait of four children. They look to date to the early 1900's but we can't be sure. 2 1536 6.00   ended
2135 T_2135.JPGMt. Rushmore commemorative gold trimmed mug and a new in package Star Wars Pez dispenser       ended


T_2136.JPGThis is a cute little wooden jewelry box that opens on the top and also has two drawers. Some jewelry included 1 1058 2.00   ended
2138 T_2138.JPGFour cute ceramic animals - a panda, elephant, siamese cat and a mallard duck 3 2030 6.00   ended
2139 T_2139.JPGTwo wooden shutters 3 1992 7.25   ended
2140 T_2140.JPGTwo white plastic shutters       ended

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