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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (40 records) September 10, Sunday Auction - Watertown - 6 PM Central

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1600 T_1600.JPGLarge grouping of plastic hangers 2 2251 3.00   ended
1601 T_1601.JPGToastmaster twin sandwich maker in original box. This item is new - never used 1 1181 2.00   ended
1602 T_1602.JPGChantilly stoneware dishes - service for 5 with extra pieces       ended
1603 T_1603.JPGThree Coke mugs, pizza cutter Kys-ite 3 section plate and large dice       ended
1604 T_1604.JPGToastmaster Toaster 1 2797 2.00   ended
1605 T_1605.JPGCute little black desk lamp and Ingraham battery operated clock 1 2639 2.00   ended
1606 T_1606.JPG9 piece metric socket wrench set 3 1237 4.01   ended
1607 T_1607.JPGInternational converter set- new in case 1 2251 2.00   ended
1608 T_1608.JPGLogetech computer mouse with programing CD and Buslink storage driver with programing CD       ended
1609 T_1609.JPGThree nice spoked wheels 1 2030 2.00   ended
1610 T_1610.JPGLexmark printer with programing CD included       ended
1611 T_1611.JPGFour nice cookbooks - Salads; Desserts; Gourmet Cooking; and Creating a Magic Kitchen       ended
1612 T_1612.JPGTwo small Pyrex dishes; 1 small Fire king dish; metal collander and small metal sauce pan 3 2251 5.00   ended
1613 T_1613.JPGThree decorating books and one large book full of cute iron on transfers       ended
1614 T_1614.JPGGalvanized pail 3 1121 5.01   ended
1615 T_1615.JPG1932 Ford 3 window. 1:18 scale. In original box 4 2026 10.00   ended
1616 T_1616.JPG4 must have books: Chillon Buick 1997-00 Repair manual; Clymer Yamaha service manual; Roybestas Brake Service Manual; The Touch System for Better Golf       ended
1617 T_1617.JPG4 sports balls 1 2797 2.00   ended
1618 T_1618.JPG4 vintage books including: Little Golden Book of Noah's Ark; Little Book of Hand Shadows; The Stronger the Wind Blows; and Dennis the Menace 1 1403 2.00   ended
1619 T_1619.JPGFour book including: Appetizers; Vegetables; Potpourri for Colognes and Soaps; and Home Dental Remedies       ended
1620 T_1620.JPGNice selection of jewelry including sterling ring; 9 pair of pierced earrings and three necklaces       ended
1621 T_1621.JPGThis is a very nice electric humidifier/purifier       ended
1622 T_1622.JPGFour DVD movies including one with Dancing with the Stars Cheryl Burke and Maxim       ended
1623 T_1623.JPGTonka helicopter and a cute little convertible phone (that really works) 1 1237 2.00   ended
1624 T_1624.JPG10 children's movies on videotapes and in hard cases       ended
1625 T_1625.JPGLook what we found! I believe the size in these says Size 16. USA black work boots in excellent condition 4 1377 5.01   ended
1626 T_1626.JPGThree pack Indiana Jones movies; two tape set of Gone with the Wind and two tape set of Pearl Harbor       ended
1627 T_1627.JPGThis is a collection of children's movies. The black ones without the cases are Home Alone and Toy Story       ended
1628 T_1628.JPGMagic Bullet hand blender in original box 1 2639 2.00   ended
1629 T_1629.JPGNew Control Grip for your hand held games and two car chargers for your phone or Ipad       ended
1630 T_1630.JPGSix cute movies on videotape       ended
1631 T_1631.JPGAccessories for your Ipad, phone or handheld game       ended
1632 T_1632.JPGSix cute movies on videotape including Sweet Home Alabama and Forest Gump       ended
1633 T_1633.JPGSix more videotape movies including a couple westerns for that man in your life       ended
1634 T_1634.JPGCan you tell we got in a whole box of movies? Here are six more all time favorites       ended
1635 T_1635.JPGJust in time for your fall decorating. This cute little hanging basket is the perfect places for fall flowers and the brass wall hanger adds charm to your decorations 1 2797 2.00   ended
1636 T_1636.JPGLittle straw man welcome sign and duck planter for fall flowers       ended
1637 T_1637.JPGVery nice fall decoration all made up for you in a very nice pumpkin planter       ended
1638 T_1638.JPGPeach crate in excellent condition 1 2778 2.00   ended
1639 T_1639.JPGEight Biblical movies including "David" "Jesus" "Joseph" and others 1 1967 2.00   ended

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