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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (57 records) March 12 Sunday Jewelry auction - 6 pm central

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8853 T_8853.JPGSmall delicate cross on 18" chain, says 12Kgold filled 1 1967 2.00   ended
8854 T_8854.JPGOpen heart w different shades of gold on 17" gold chain       ended
8855 T_8855.JPGMother of pearl and diamond chip on 14" long chain, shows some wear       ended
8856 T_8856.JPG2 Open floating hearts on this 30" long gold tone chain       ended
8857 T_8857.JPGHearts with two tone gold on 16" long gold chain 1 1967 2.00   ended
8858 T_8858.JPG17" long serpentine chain       ended


T_8859.JPGThis highly detailed tiny cross is in gold with silver,has 18" gold chain that says 14 K.T.G.F , 14 karat gold filled       ended
8860 T_8860.JPGThis vintage original boxed set is screw tighten earrings and brooch , says HA'RA'L Fifth Avenue on ribbon tag 1 2332 2.00   ended
8861 T_8861.JPG4 cat pins 2 2734 3.00   ended
8862 T_8862.JPGCloisonne wire cat earrings, black cat wire earrings, silver wire circle earrings and gold small hoop earrings 1 1336 2.00   ended
8863 T_8863.JPG18" long gold chain on this beautiful faux pearl/diamond necklace, like new       ended
8864  f       ended
8865 T_8865.JPGSome cloisonne some plastic all pierced lot of earrings       ended
8866 T_8866.JPGSome plastic and cloisonne pierced earrings       ended
8867 T_8867.JPGSoft vinyl rope necklace       ended
8868 T_8868.JPGOne wooden, some metal, some cloisonne, a couple silver all pierced earrings       ended
8869 T_8869.JPGVintage Sarah Coventry set with necklace and clip earrings, in original box. 1 2332 2.00   ended
8870 T_8870.JPGSoft vinyl rope adjustable necklace w motorcycle on it       ended
8871 T_8871.JPGAll metal pierced earrings except dark ones have stones       ended
8872 T_8872.JPG16" long faux pearls and bars necklace       ended
8873 T_8873.JPGCopper and gold tone , vintage plastic, faux pearl and silver all pierced earrings       ended
8875 T_8875.JPG48" long gold chain, Made in Germany 1 1399 2.00   ended
8876 T_8876.JPG30" interlocking multi chain necklace 1 2312 2.00   ended
8877 T_8877.JPG14" adjustable heavy chunky chain necklace 1 1992 2.00   ended
8878 T_8878.JPG52" long double chain necklace 1 1399 2.00   ended
8879 T_8879.JPG18" navy plastic necklace and a 8"puki shell bracelet       ended
8880 T_8880.JPG25" Avon goldtone necklace,29 1/2" continuous light silver chain necklace and 18" goldtone necklace 1 1992 2.00   ended
8881 T_8881.JPG7" copper linked bracelet       ended
8882 T_8882.JPGDeer on soft vinyl adjustable bracelet       ended
8883 T_8883.JPGCut agate crystal on cloth ribbons necklace 1 2523 2.00   ended
8884 T_8884.JPGGreen agate cut crystal on cloth ribbons necklace, these are great for that person that breaks out from nickel! 1 2523 2.00   ended
8885 T_8885.JPGStar and wings on cloth ribbon necklace       ended
8886 T_8886.JPGPendant on soft vinyl adjustable necklace       ended
8887 T_8887.JPGCloisonne stunning pendant on soft vinyl adjustable necklace 1 2523 2.00   ended
8888 T_8888.JPGOpen star on cloth ribbons adjustable necklace       ended
8889 T_8889.JPGDager/skull and chains over the head necklace 1 1189 2.00   ended
8890 T_8890.JPGKeys in silver and goldtone on soft cloth ribbon necklace       ended
8891 T_8891.JPGFloating "HOPE" on soft vinyl necklace       ended
8892 T_8892.JPGSkeleton key on soft red vinyl necklace       ended
8893 T_8893.JPGMotorcycle on cloth ribbons necklace       ended
8894 T_8894.JPGSheild pendant on soft vinyl necklace       ended
8895 T_8895.JPGPink plastic necklace with FAITH on the charm       ended
8896 T_8896.JPGSteam punk style necklace 1 2523 2.00   ended
8897 T_8897.JPGTiny glass seed beads and stones on this beautiful blues and browns necklace 1 1967 2.00   ended
8898 T_8898.JPGStar fish , turtles, anchor and octopus on this vinyl charm type bracelet       ended
8899 T_8899.JPG16" heavy unique chain       ended
8900 T_8900.JPG18" unique pattern necklace       ended
8901 T_8901.JPGCute teacher charm stretchy bracelet 1 1336 2.00   ended
8902 T_8902.JPGBird skull and beak on this vinyl necklace       ended
8903 T_8903.JPGUnique silver pendant on this cloth ribbon necklace       ended

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