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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (41 records) September 17 - Sunday - 6 pm central

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2200 T_2200.JPGFood warmer lights 3 2243 6.25   ended
2201 T_2201.JPGtwo old wooden doors 1 2523 5.00   ended
2202 T_2202.JPGTelevision cart. Could also be used to hold a small microwave 1 2243 2.00   ended
2203 T_2203.JPGCollectible "Souvenir of Minneapolis" small cream server 1 2312 3.00   ended
2204 T_2204.JPGHeavy cast iron grate cover 3 2268 5.00   ended
2205 T_2205.JPGThis is a really cute small side table. It is plastic with bamboo look shelves 1 2243 2.00   ended
2206 T_2206.JPGMounted tractor seat. Ideal for that garden decoration or even on the front porch. 8 2778 20.55   ended
2207 T_2207.JPGThis is one of the cutest cookie jars we have had in. This Bunny is just waiting to hop onto your kitchen counter and be filled up.       ended
2208 T_2208.JPGHerb keeper in original box and Fire King serving dish       ended


T_2209.JPGAny little girl would love this Pound Puppy jewelry box. Open it up and see a little Pound Puppy dance and twirl       ended
2210 T_2210.JPGVintage "Pinky" in a very ornate wooden frame. This stand over 2 feet tall       ended
2211 T_2211.JPGIf you like "Pinky", here is her "Blue Boy". They are the same size pictures and are really beautiful to see.In ornate wooden frame.       ended


T_2212.JPGThis is a calendar plate from 1909 and is from "Norden, SD" (before there was a Lake Norden). This is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks.       ended
2213 T_2213.JPGCeramic ballerina, cute ceramic teddy bear and a heavy cement stepping stone for your garden       ended
2214 T_2214.JPGVery nice fall arrangement; little cart for either a plant or a little doll display. Also included a tiny pair of scissors       ended
2215 T_2215.JPGAntique large Blue enamel coffee pot 5 2816 12.00   ended
2216 T_2216.JPGEight children's DVD's including two Muffet Movies       ended
2217 T_2217.JPGBlack heavy cast iron register cover 7 1512 22.00   ended
2218 T_2218.JPGBurlap potato sack and a vintage very nice wooden serving tray 1 2611 2.00   ended
2219 T_2219.JPGSix record albums including 3 Ray Conniff and a vintage Tennessee Ernie Ford       ended
2220 T_2220.JPGSix more record albums including Roger Williams, Al Hirt and a special South Dakota All State Orchestra album       ended
2221 T_2221.JPGAssortment of coffee mugs       ended
2222 T_2222.JPG4 Vintage cut glass luncheon plates with matching cups       ended
2223 T_2223.JPGAnother assortment of coffee mugs       ended
2224 T_2224.JPGWhite and black enamel pot with variety of antique door locks and drawer handles 1 2030 2.00   ended
2225 T_2225.JPGWhite and black enamel pan and a heavy wire egg basket 8 2030 14.55   ended
2226 T_2226.JPGBeautiful cut glass round serving tray       ended
2227 T_2227.JPGThis iridescent divided dish is beautiful and looks almost pearl-like. No chips or cracks       ended
2228 T_2228.JPGTwo adorable snowmen tea pots and a pair of milk glass bud vases       ended
2229 T_2229.JPGSix pair of ladies gloves. These pair are leather. Three pair are knitted and have leather palms and one pair is cloth.       ended
2230 T_2230.JPGTwo walking sticks       ended
2231 T_2231.JPGFive canning jars 1 is blue Ball with lid 2 2030 3.05   ended
2232 T_2232.JPGEight green thumbprint sherbet glasses       ended
2233 T_2233.JPGAssortment of glassware       ended
2234 T_2234.JPGGlass covered candy dish; two cordial glasses and a Redneck glass       ended


T_2235.JPGBrown plastic with wicker rotating tv stand, this piece also matches a little end table we have #2205 on this auction       ended
2236 T_2236.JPGThese are brand new Champ PH44 oil filters in the box and a case of 12 boxes, I googled this p/n and it fits some 2004-2006 Chevy,GMC pick ups, some Pontiacs and some Cadillacs.This would be a great savings for the do it yourself oil changer. Please check your vehicle year and size engine to make sure they fit! 4 1181 12.00   ended
2237 T_2237.JPGThis is a case of 12 Champ oil filters P8153 fits many Mercedes Benz. Please check to make sure this oil filter fits your year and size vehicle. 4 1181 9.07   ended
2238 T_2238.JPGAnother case of 12 Champ PH44 oil filters, Please check to make sure these fit your vehicle 3 1181 11.67   ended
2239 T_2239.JPGA case of 6 new Champ oil filters LFP2286 fits some 1995-2003 Fords. Please check to make sure this filter fits your vehicle. 3 1142 8.00   ended
2240 T_2240.JPGA case of 12 new Champ oil filters PH832 fits some Lincoln and Jaquar models. Please check to see if this p/n fits your vehicle. 4 1181 9.02   ended

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