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Category: ALL (105 records) August 14 Thursday - Watertown - 6 PM Central

Item Photo (Off) Description Bids High
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2121 T_2121.JPGPlastic cake cake/brownie tub       1.00
2122 T_2122.JPGJeff Gordon gloves       1.00
2123 T_2123.JPGHardcover microwave cookbook       1.00
2124 T_2124.JPGNew silver candleabra       1.00
2125 T_2125.JPGNew silver server       1.00
2126 T_2126.JPGNew silver dish       1.00
2127 T_2127.JPGLight green depression glass goblet       1.00
2128 T_2128.JPGNew patent leather Scottish Terrier purse 1 1399 2.00 3.00
2129 T_2129.JPGCute dog hardboard picture 1 2332 1.00 2.00
2130 T_2130.JPGCamouflage compound bow with case, arrows and leather glove 5 1431 14.00 16.00
2131 T_2131.JPGLot of arrows 2 2207 2.00 3.00
2132 T_2132.JPGWood fish plaque       1.00
2133 T_2133.JPGWood Canadian Goose Welcome plaque       1.00
2134 T_2134.JPGProfessionally framed and matted duck picture 1 2243 1.00 2.00
2135 T_2135.JPGGun cabinet with bottom shelf 3 1114 10.00 12.00
2136 T_2136A.JPGMinnesota Vikings led lighted sign. Tells time, date, temperature. Automatically resets to correct time, etc. when plugged in. Great mancave item here 8 2177 24.00 26.00
2137 T_2137.JPGWood duck basket       1.00
2138 T_2138.JPGPair of Uncle Sams ceramic one and wood one       1.00
2139 T_2139.JPGNeat RV cookie jar       1.00
2140 T_2140.JPGNew pearl necklace and bracelet 1 2207 1.00 2.00
2141 T_2141.JPG5' long brush       1.00
2142 T_2142.JPGWood fish house       1.00
2143 T_2143A.JPG12" x 16" International Harvestor metal sign 1 1665 1.00 2.00
2144 T_2144.JPGPair of Native American dolls on stands original clothes       1.00
2145 T_2145.JPGMoon metal wall hangings       1.00
2146 T_2146.JPGMoon pictures       1.00
2147 T_2147.JPGNice frame on this fish picture       1.00
2148 T_2148.JPGFrederic Remington (the most famous western artist-died in 1916) wood cowboy plaque says "An episode in the opening of cattle country" 2 1618 2.00 3.00
2149 T_2149.JPGRF Zugboam wood cowboy plaque says "The old bone man of the plains" 2 1618 2.00 3.00
2150 T_2150.JPGRufus Zogbaum wood cowboy plaque says "Calvary on the march-danger ahead" 2 1618 2.00 3.00
2151 T_2151.JPGRufus Zogbaum wood cowboy plaque says Wheat harvesting in Dakota" 2 1618 2.00 3.00
2152 T_2152.JPG3 decorated picture frames       1.00
2153 T_2153.JPG2 larger decorated picture frames       1.00
2154 T_2154.JPGHuge 5'x 5' original canvas painting by 1 1122 5.00 6.00
2155 T_2155.JPGLarge original canvas painting by Menarche 1 1122 5.00 6.00
2156 T_2156.JPGToy box full of army/cowboy figures 3 2207 3.00 4.00
2157 T_2157.JPGEally cool clock-the wand spins and the time and date come up with other progammable messages. Instructions included. 2 2368 3.00 4.00
2158 T_2158.JPG5# box of framing nails 1 1302 1.00 2.00
2159 T_2159.JPGNice wood serving cart on wheels 2 2243 5.00 6.00
2160 T_2160.JPGRolling hose cart with 50' garden hose 2 2243 3.00 4.00
2161 T_2161.JPG25' garden hose 1 2277 1.00 2.00
2162 T_2162.JPG25' garden hose 1 2277 1.00 2.00


T_2163.JPGNew size 6 boy's 7 1/2 girls MSRP $129.95 Product Description In regular shoes, 70% of the body's weight rests on the heel. Therefore, the calf muscles exert little effort in supporting the body. In Strength Shoes, the heel is eliminated, causing the calves to support 100% of the body's weight. This overload works the calves and Achilles tendons with a force equal to 6 times the body's weight upon impact. Add 5 - 10 Inches to your vertical leap Cut 2/10 of a second off your 40 yard dash! Increase anaerobic power by 500%! Strength Shoes qualify for FREE Shipping! When ordering look for a place to enter a coupond code at checkout and the shipping's on us! The code you'll use is: STRENGTHSHOES As the force of impact occurs, the heel dips causing the calf muscles to stretch. The Strength Shoe builds the calf and stretches the Achilles tendon making any athlete more explosive. The Strength System can also increase your anaerobic capacity and your anaerobic power by 500%. We have 20 years of research and development in plyometric training shoes. Unlike others, the Strength Shoe is medically documented to be safe and effective. With the Strength Shoe you get a super tight fit and the support of a full synthetic leather hi-top athletic shoe ­ not some sock liner that doesn't breathe and makes your foot sweat. And there are no straps that can loosen during your workout, thus preventing injury. Our patented design safely limits the range of motion of the ankle, eliminating any chance of injury. All weather indoor & outdoor non-marking rubber outsole. All weather indoor & outdoor non-marking rubber outsole. Molded metatarsal support to insure proper fit and durability while protecting the Plantar and Flexor regions of the foot. The hi-top adds ankle support while our lightweight design allows you to avoid knee strain that causes the foreleg to swing out prematurely. Also, heavier shoes create the tendency to overstride when following a workout program. Available in men's and women's full and half sizes. Each pair of Strength Shoes comes with a state-of-the-art PLYOMETRIC TRAINING VIDEO and TRAINING MANUAL. 1 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee! Strength Shoes qualify for FREE Shipping! When ordering look for a place to enter a coupond code at checkout and the shipping's on us! The code you'll use is: STRENGTHSHOES Medical Research on the Strength Shoes: The Effectiveness of The Strength Shoe in Enhancing Sport Specific Skills. By Jim R Flarity, Ph.D., New Orleans, LA. Director, Human Performance Laboratory Tulane University Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences This study analyzed the effectiveness of the Strength Shoe in improving sport specific variables. Male athletes ages 18-22 yr of age (n=20) were studied to assess the effects of 9 weeks of training with the Strength Shoe. The manufacturer's training protocol emphasizing proper warm-up, cool-down and progression was followed. Subjects trained three days per week for approximately 45-60 minutes per session. The subjects were randomly divided into a control group (wearing the Strength Shoe). Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine significant differences between the control and treatment group. Statistical analysis demonstrated a significant improvement in the following variables: Relative anaerobic power (.19 W/kg-1 v. 1.22 W/kg-1) Relative anaerobic capacity (.25 W/kg-1 v. .67 W/kg-1) Vertical displacement (2.01 in v. 3.58 in) 40 yd. speed (-.06 v. 1.14) No significant difference was found in upper and lower leg size, and lower back strength. In addition, this study found no significant difference in the report of injuries between the control and treatment groups. This study, which is experimental by nature is consistent with that of previously reported subjective data. The results of this study strongly suggest that the use of the Strength Shoe is indeed and effective training tool in the development of anaerobic power. 1 1122 5.00 6.00
2164 T_2164.JPGStrength jump shoes-has velcro strap for different sizes 1 1122 2.00 3.00
2165 T_2165.JPGWisconsin freezer mug       1.00
2166 T_2166.JPGGuns bolo tie       1.00
2167 T_2167.JPGTurquoise bolo tie 1 1679 1.00 2.00
2168 T_2168.JPGTurquoise bolo tie 1 1679 1.00 2.00
2169 T_2169.JPGSword money clip, nail clipper, two knives with provenance       1.00
2170 T_2170.JPGI Phone belt clip carrier       1.00

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