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Category: ALL (51 records) September 28 Sunday Antiques and Collectibles - Watertown Closing 6 PM

Item Photo (Off) Description Bids High
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2947 T_2947.JPGLarge vintage steel stop sign 3 2310 6.00 7.00
2948 T_2948.JPGWessington Springs centennial small wood plaque 1 1100 1.22 2.22
2949 T_2949.JPGAntique hanging light fixture globe       1.00
2950 T_2950.JPGVintage Renville Coop Creamery thermomter like new 1 1100 1.51 2.51
2951 T_2951.JPG1956 Five Star antifreeze advertising brochure from Magnus Pederson Sisseton, South Dakota 1 2310 1.00 2.00
2952 T_2952.JPG1949 Farmers Almanac       1.00
2953 T_2953.JPG1960s Jim Abnor for Lieutenant Governor campaign brohure       1.00
2954 T_2954.JPGRare Mcillan oil can 1 1626 2.00 3.00
2955 T_2955.JPGFull Marina axle grease can 1 1566 1.00 2.00
2956 T_2956.JPGAntique oil jar 3 2327 27.00 29.00


T_2957.JPGWow an original 1920s handcrank telephone...has all the innards 2 2327 16.00 18.00
2958 T_2958.JPGVintage fruit crate       1.00
2959 T_2959.JPG20 gallon Redwing crock some hairline cracks, probably still holds fluid. has iron ring on it 1 1313 25.00 27.00
2960 T_2960.JPGLarge Roseville vase in great condition 7 2268 30.00 32.00
2961 T_2961.JPGVintage hand saw       1.00
2962 T_2962A.JPGVintage battery 1 2207 0.50 1.50
2963 T_2963.JPGAntique blow torch 1 1756 1.00 2.00
2964 T_2964.JPGNice restoration project on these vintage license plates 1930 South Dakota 2 2310 1.10 2.10
2965 T_2965.JPG1931 South Dakota license plate 2 2310 1.10 2.10
2966 T_2966.JPG1931 South Dakota license plate 2 2310 1.10 2.10
2967 T_2967.JPG1929 South Dakota license plate 2 2310 1.10 2.10
2968 T_2968.JPG1930 SD license plate 2 2310 1.10 2.10
2969 T_2969.JPGAntique corn schucking glove 1 1456 1.00 2.00
2970 T_2970.JPGAntique razor strap and brush 1 1967 1.00 2.00
2971 T_2971.JPGNever seen an air powered steam iron before       1.00
2972 T_2972.JPGAntique Minneapolis Moline wrench 1 1100 1.26 2.26
2973 T_2973.JPGAntique wrench says Mosre Drop forging Co.       1.00
2974 T_2974.JPGAntique International Harvestor Jasi wrench 2 1118 1.25 2.25
2975 T_2975.JPG30" wide trolley hay mover says 1905 Advance 7 1518 25.00 27.00
2976 T_2976.JPGAntique steam iron 2 2327 3.10 4.10
2977 T_2977.JPGMiller lite beer tapper wall hanging 3 1118 5.00 6.00
2978 T_2978.JPGNew 1:24 Case tractor 4 2093 9.55 10.55
2979 T_2979.JPG1948 Kids book 2 2310 2.00 3.00
2980 T_2980.JPG1926 framed picture old frame 1 1118 1.00 2.00
2981 T_2981.JPGVintage brass sprinkler 1 1118 1.00 2.00
2982 T_2982.JPGVintage syringes 1 1573 1.50 2.50
2983 T_2983.JPGVintage car mirror       1.00
2984 T_2984.JPGVintage padlocks       1.00
2985 T_2985.JPGOld clay coffee cup found on the riverbank 1 2332 1.00 2.00
2986 T_2986.JPGOld clay coffee cup found on the riverbank 1 2310 5.00 6.00
2987 T_2987.JPGOld clay coffee cup found on the riverbank 1 2332 1.00 2.00
2988 T_2988.JPG1971 Hamlin County Atlas 3 1626 2.25 3.25
2989 T_2989.JPGNo date on this old International Harvestor Seeding Machine parts catalog, but it has horse drawn drills in it       1.00
2990 T_2990.JPGMetal Armstrong tire holder 2 2327 12.00 14.00
2991 T_2991.JPGVintage teenage keepsake Angel doll: I am a very pretty angel doll with a porcelain face, half arms and hands and half legs and feet. My body is a soft stuffed fabric. i am dressed in a beautiful satin gown with shades of pink, a white pleated front shirt and lavender bodice, sleeves and ruffle trims. I am wearing a pink halo around my beautiful long curly blonde hair and bright yellow wings. My eyes stay open and I have real eye lashes. I stand approximately 20" tall. I am in very good condition and would make a lovely keepsake doll for any teenager or would be a "great" doll for any doll collection. Retail price 24.95 1 1237 1.00 2.00
2992 T_2992.JPGI am cute Crissy. I am from the 1970-1980's. I can wear my hair down long in the back and if I want a short bob cut just turn the round knob on my back and you can make me look cute with a short hair cut. I can turn my head around back and forth and swing my arms back and forth. I am 18" tall. My long dress and head back as well as my bag are all hand crocheted. My dark brown eyes open and close. I would be a great collector crissy doll. 1 1237 1.00 2.00
2993 T_2993.JPGVintage 1990's blushing bride doll. I am a very pretty blushing bride doll. I can wear my veil up or down. My gown is made of satin with an overshirt of lacy nrt. My blue eyes open and close. I can turn my body around to back and forth and lift my arms up and down. I can also kick my legs out straight and back again. My blonde hair is cute and straight with bangs. I am wearing nail polish on my toes and fingers. I am a very cute bride doll and it would be so nice to be in someones doll collection. 1 1237 1.00 2.00
2994 T_2994.JPGMount Rushmore 1941: 1991 Golden Anniversary doll. Vintage keepsake porcelain face, arms and legs. Soft body. I am a little 15" keepsake doll dressed in a late 1800's style dress, so cute in all the fancy lac and ribbons. I am wearing a nice cameo on my dress. I have long beautiful reddish brown curls and green eyes that stay open. My face and half my arms and legs are porcelain and the rest of my body is a stuffed soft fabric. I am wearing cute little pantaloons to match my ivory colored dress. I am in very good condition but I did lose my shoes someplace so could use a new pair to help me look more dressed and to keep my feet warm. I would be a great collectible. doll. 1 1237 1.00 2.00
2995 T_2995.JPG1980's Vintage bride collector doll: I am a blonde bride doll and look very stylish and slim with my nice bridal gown on. My gown is of satin with an overskirt of lacy net on the front and bottom and top yoke edged with silver trim. My sleeves are long and I have a short net viel on. My Hazel eyes open and close. My blonde hair is kept short. Sorry, I lost my shoes at the wedding dance, they were stolen and sold. Over all I in very good condition and would be great for and doll collection. 1 1237 1.00 2.00
2996 T_2996.JPG1999 Authentic Mary had a little lamb keepsake doll. Here is a very pretty little collectible keepsake doll for your collection. Included is the certificate of Authenticity. The doll is 14" tall, wearing a pink figured cotton dress and a blue short overskirt with a gold bodice, long sleeves, cute hat and cotton pantaloons with lace, white long stockings and pink shoes. Her little lamb is following her and she is carrying a long staff to guide her lamb. She has beautiful blue eyes and long, real eye lashes that stay open. Her long brown hair is curly. If you dont have this doll in your collection, she is a must. Looks like new. 1 1237 1.00 2.00

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