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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (37 records) September 7, Thursday Auction - Watertown 6 pm central

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T_1400.JPGJust in time for back to college - this very nice dorm refrigerator will be just the thing for that student. In great shape
This item has a reserve.
4 2735 18.00   ended
1401 T_1401.JPGVery unusual painting on velvet with beautiful hand carved frame. This is in very nice shape and beautiful subject.       ended
1402 T_1402.JPGFour blue Ball quart jars. No lids. 5 2030 6.25   ended
1403 T_1403.JPGThis is a very cute child's cross stitch picture in frame       ended
1404 T_1404.JPGTwo smaller pictures which each measure about 8 x 10       ended
1405 T_1405.JPGThree vintage ladies watches. The Elgin watch is in its original box. We do not know if these watches run or not - did not test them. There is also a cute gold pin included in this group. 3 1185 5.00   ended
1406 T_1406.JPGOneida silver bowl and free standing thermometer/barometer.       ended
1407 T_1407.JPGA pair of beautiful ceramic doves with picture of Jesus at the Door and beautiful gold crucifix 1 2233 2.00   ended
1409 T_1409.JPGBeautiful electric oak fireplace clock (works great) and a cute little rocker pin cushion 3 2251 6.00   ended
1410 T_1410.JPGPicture does not do justice to these beautiful candle holders. Also included in a gold covered candy dish       ended


T_1411.JPGThis has been on before but we FINALLY know what it is. This is an antique buggy foot warmer. The plaque says "The Clark Heater No 70". Put heated coal inside and place in your buggy to keep feet toasty warm. 2 2030 5.05   ended
1412 T_1412.JPGThree wooden plaques for your home. The family one could hang dates on the bottom to remind you of birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates. 1 2778 2.00   ended
1413 T_1413.JPGThis beautiful picture would add so much to a room. Should see it to appreciate how pretty it is. 1 1185 2.00   ended
1414 T_1414.JPGThis is a small picture of covered bridge 1 1884 2.00   ended
1415 T_1415.JPGSix beautiful vintage cups and saucers. No cracks or chips 9 1185 14.00   ended
1416 T_1416.JPGSmall vase, covered candle holder, trinket dish and beautiful gold "mom" chime.       ended
1417 T_1417.JPGThis is a plaster painting in a very nice burgundy frame       ended
1418 T_1418.JPGVintage small bedside lamp on marble base and a cute little ceramic mail box       ended
1419 T_1419.JPGThere are 8 of these plates - 2 of each. Sakura china with Parisian scenes painted on them. No chips or cracks 2 1185 3.00   ended
1420 T_1420.JPG"Retirement Fund" ceramic bank; lint shaver, and, cast iron boot post (if you have the little boot part you really need this to complete your set!       ended
1421 T_1421.JPGSilver wire basket and three ceramic statutes including a pretty little angel       ended
1422 T_1422.JPGTwo very nice new picture frames for multiple pictures and ceramic kitten/dog statute       ended
1424 T_1424.JPG7 miscellaneous plates 1 1185 1.00   ended
1425 T_1425.JPGWhite wicker clothes hamper with wooden lid       ended
1426 T_1426.JPGSet of 5 new picture frames       ended
1427 T_1427.JPG7 record albums including a Doris Day, Air Supply, Romper Room, Peter Cottontail and a couple others 1 1185 2.00   ended
1428 T_1428.JPGVery nice large framed "Risks" picture. This measures 18 x 24       ended
1429 T_1429.JPGThree necklaces including a claw one. Not sure what kind of claws they are 1 2639 2.00   ended
1430 T_1430.JPGFour comic books including Chip and Dale; Porky Pig, Cracky and Marvel Age. 3 1185 5.25   ended
1431 T_1431.JPGSix comic books including Aristokittens; Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge Moby Dick; Heckel and Jeckel, Pink Panther and a FunIn 3 1185 6.14   ended
1432 T_1432.JPGVintage vibrator with attachments in original box       ended
1433 T_1433.JPGPlastic Magazine rack       ended
1434 T_1434.JPGNice Sunbeam desk or table fan       ended
1435 T_1435.JPGThis is a 3 phone telephone system. Works perfectly - seller just disconnected their landline 2 2735 4.01   ended
1436 T_1436.JPGThis nice heavy little table could be used beside your chair or even beside your bed. Bottom door opens for storage       ended
1437 T_1437.JPGBamboo Wisconsin cheese box       ended
1438 T_1438.JPGInternet for Dummies and PC for Dummies books. Also included is an RCA set of rabbit ears (ask your kids what rabbit ears are). 1 2444 3.00   ended

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