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Bidding extended on Open items for 7 minutes since last bid.
Category: ALL (48 records) July18 Tuesday Watertown - Watertown 6 PM Central

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1000 T_1000.JPGThis adorable towel hanger would look cute in any bathroom. Free standing and holds two towels easily. 1 2030 2.00   ended
1001 T_1001.JPGWooden, hand painted "welcome sign". Perfect for the home, farm or cabin.       ended
1002 T_1002.JPGTwo books about Tiger Woods. These will be collectible someday.       ended
1003 T_1003.JPGCute Rock and Roll battery operated clock.       ended
1004 T_1004.JPGStill the King. Framed Elvis print       ended
1005 T_1005.JPGFire extinguisher 1 1407 2.00   ended
1006 T_1006.JPGThis beautiful silver candle holder will hold four tapers and dress up any dinner party 2 2243 4.00   ended
1007 T_1007.JPGCute small decorative bird house.       ended
1008 T_1008.JPGVintage Brownie box camera with original box 2 1992 3.00   ended
1009 T_1009.JPGElectric grinder/sander. Only a man will know for sure. 3 1431 10.00   ended
1010 T_1010.JPGBeautiful silver chafing dish with burner for keeping all your dishes warm. Would go perfect with the silver candle holder above. 1 2243 2.00   ended
1011 T_1011.JPGHe may no longer be with us but Elvis still lives in this framed print       ended
1012 T_1012.JPGModel "T" belt buckle 1 1456 2.00   ended
1013 T_1013.JPGBeautiful bound Concordance of the Bible 1 1967 2.00   ended
1014 T_1014.JPGUnframed deer print       ended
1015 T_1015.JPGCrystal serving dishes 1 2312 2.00   ended
1016 T_1016.JPGAshtray and reading glasses/with case.       ended
1017 T_1017.JPGThis is a beautiful Nascar tapestry. Must see to appreciate it.       ended
1018 T_1018.JPGGold framed mallard print       ended
1019 T_1019.JPGFramed picture of President and Mrs. George Bush       ended
1020 T_1020.JPGThis beautiful serving dish is nearly 2 feet long.       ended
1021 T_1021.JPGPerfect for your beer, cocktail or ice water. One for each!       ended
1022 T_1022.JPGVintage scale and carousel clock       ended
1023 T_1023.JPGBeautiful 50th anniversary Corvette tin sign 2 2797 3.01   ended
1024 T_1024.JPGVintage Amoco 300 can       ended
1025 T_1025.JPGThis little granny has the cutest saying on her dress. Stop down to see what she has to say.       ended
1026 T_1026.JPGFor all you "Packer" fans out there - perfect pillow to watch the game with. Football season starts sooner than you think!       ended
1027 T_1027.JPGThis steer head is we think made out of twisted twine and is a very unique wall decoration. 2 2702 3.00   ended
1028 T_1028.JPGSilver forks and spoons       ended
1029 T_1029.JPGThis tin paddle boat wall hanging is nearly 2 feet long and really draws your attention 2 2243 5.25   ended
1030 T_1030.JPGVintage tea jar and beautiful bowl       ended
1031 T_1031.JPGI remember my grandmother having a platter just like this one.       ended
1032 T_1032.JPGThree copper jello molds. Don't think you can find these anymore.       ended
1033 T_1033.JPGMacrame wall hanging       ended
1034 T_1034.JPGBeautiful thunderbird picture in acrylic frame 1 1302 2.00   ended
1035 T_1035.JPGTwo cute wall hanging - one a copy of a Norman Rockwell.       ended
1036 T_1036.JPGTiny boat and sailor in enclosed case 1 2243 2.00   ended
1037 T_1037.JPGA must for any spoon collector.       ended
1038 T_1038.JPGVintage razors; small rug beater and lidded jar       ended
1039 T_1039.JPGThis is a cute small ceramic bait shop. Would be adorable in a lake cabin 1 2797 2.00   ended
1041 T_1041.JPGFish wind chime       ended
1042 T_1042A.JPGSklz soccer goal       ended


T_1043.JPGThis is not a reproduction. This newspaper comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 4 2243 6.55   ended


T_1044A.JPGPortable mimeoscope. If you know what that is, you need to buy this!       ended
1045 T_1045A.JPGEureka clean lite mini vaccuum       ended
1046 T_1046.JPGThis beautiful battery operated Pepsi clock has it all and is the perfect addition to your pepsi collection. Keeps perfect time. 4 1302 5.01   ended
1047 T_1047.JPGLive, Learn and Pass It On. Perfect plaque to live by. Nearly 3 feet long. 1 1992 2.00   ended
1048 T_1048.JPGCocoRibe mirror sign in excellent condition. Brilliant colors! 4 1518 9.00   ended

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